Front of House 

Prepare to captivate your guests with our refined approach to hospitality. We are seasoned professionals, well-versed in the art of luxury service, we can transform your establishment into a haven of elegance. Immerse your guests in a world of curated experiences, as our staff training programs instil grace, poise, and attention to detail. With BECH-BAILEY, your front-of-house operations will exude a level of sophistication that sets you apart in the industry.

Explore our Front of House services to elevate your guest experiences:

Wine Menu Guidance

Carefully selecting bottles at different price points, highlighting gaps within your menu, advice on pricing, ways to achieve a higher spend, and producing a menu format that’s easy to navigate for your team and guests

Wine & Spirits Training

Further your teams knowledge and understanding to give them the tools they need to operate efficiently and confidently, enabling them to give an all round better experience for your guests

Beverage Pairing

Whether its alcoholic or non-alcoholic its a great addition to any restaurant running a set-menu that can help add drive up your average spend per head

Glassware Selection & Training

There’s more to glassware than firsts meets the eye and we can teach you all you need to know, from choosing the perfect glass that enhances the wine and feels super special in your hand to glass that can stand the test of time


For all the designated drivers, pregnant women and guests that don’t wish to wake up with a sore head, let us introduce to you the wonderful world of non-alcoholics. They can be developed to be paired with your menu or enjoyed on their own

Beverage Product Development

Taking your product to the next level with thoughtful feedback from recipe development to branding suggestions

Wine Cellar & Portfolio Management

Assisting you build the ultimate wine cellar for personal or business use, whether its from scratch or helping you select additional bottles to add to your existing wine list


Maximise your profits by carefully highlighting wines that will increase value overtime or selecting the appropriate suppliers that can assist you in growing your margins

Coffee & Tea Training

Coffee and tea is often neglected or overlooked at many restaurants and with it being a fast growing culture in this country, an over-steamed latte or oily tea is now easily picked up on by customers – And rightly so.

POS, Booking System, and Back Office Selection

Choosing the right systems can break or make a service, team, and restaurant – We will make sure its the latter

The Art of Service – Training & Support

If you have ever witnessed an impeccable and well structured service then I’m sure you would agree with us in saying that it truly is an art form. We can start your team at the very basics, getting them to be hyper efficient, comfortable, and guest focused, or put the finishing touches to aid them in achieving excellence

Uniform Design

A smartly dressed team, both front and back-of-house, can speak a thousand words and give a real sense of pride to the personnel wearing it

Guest Experience Enhancement

We will analyse all aspects of your guests journey to help you offer the best experience from start to finish 

Manuals, Policies, Procedures, Forms, & Checklists

Help you get organised in all things paperwork, operations, and procedures 


Whether you’re organising a bespoke event and need stunningly presented, delicious food, or operating a restaurant with aspirations to achieve its first Michelin star, we have the expertise and innovative strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.