BECH-BAILEY – We are not your typical hospitality consultancy and event catering company. Led by a dynamic husband-and-wife team, we embody a unique blend of polished professionalism, charm, sociability, and authenticity. Thanks to our proven worldwide experience, Cornwall-born chef Jordan Bailey and proud Dane Majken Bech-Bailey aim to create exceptional guest experiences that leave a lasting impression, delivering a real sense of place.


Meet Jordan Bailey, the culinary element in this duo, with an insatiable appetite for success. Driven by his quest for perfection, Jordan refined his craft at various world renowned Michelin star Restaurants throughout Europe, giving him a wealth of knowledge and understanding of all things culinary. With a passion for exceptional cuisine and a reputation as one of the most sought-after chefs in the industry, Jordan’s innovative approach and attention to detail are unmatched. He is dedicated to using only the best local, seasonal, and sustainable produce to create unforgettable dishes for you to enjoy. 

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Meet Majken Bech-Bailey – the real boss behind BECH-BAILEY. Jordan may run the kitchen, but Majken runs the show! With her sharp eye for detail and unbeatable service skills, Majken makes sure everything runs like clockwork. From behind-the-scenes tasks to energising the room with her infectious personality, she’s got it all covered. Trust me, you don’t want to miss what Majken has in store for you!

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BECH-BAILEY provides innovative consultancy services that help businesses unlock their full potential in the hospitality industry. We have collective experience that spans from brasseries to 3-Michelin star restaurants, as well as high-end boutique hotels and retail outlets. With expertise in concept and brand development, food and beverage strategies, menu creation, operational procedures, pairings, and staff training, we can guide businesses of all sizes towards success. 

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Our ethos revolves around ingredient-led cooking, where menus are meticulously crafted by Ireland’s leading chef, Jordan Bailey, while every intricate service detail is managed by the talented Majken Bech-Bailey. It’s the perfect marriage of culinary expertise and impeccable service.

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